About the Early Years Evolution and the IOA Partnership

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The Early Years Evolution (E.Y.E) Conference is brought to you by a unique partnership between edlink.uk and the Ipswich Opportunity Area. E.Y.E is the product of a desire to support and raise the profile of Early Years Education - and to dovetail with the government report published in March 2021, and The Royal Foundation 'The Big 5' report.

We know that people need to access good content whenever they need, rather than being constrained by dates and times. That's why we are rolling out on demand conference recordings for your convenience.


STOP! To help you get a faster response, we are collating FAQs and adding them to the Schedule & Booking page. We suggest checking there before emailing or completing the form. Of course, you are welcome to get in touch… we love hearing from our fellow educationalists. We also want you to find the fastest possible route to your enquiry. For general enquiries or enquiries related to IOA Schools Development, please email Ness Bally. For technical issues related to glitches, display issues or booking problems, please use the form below.

We get various enquiries along the lines of “how can we get a website like this?” If you’re interested in website building services (including interactive features such as networking platforms, listings, event systems, newsletter & mailing systems, calendaring, booking systems etc.) feel free to drop Rob a line.

Ness Bally

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Director, Real World Education

For enquiries related to website and event system building services, please email Rob.

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Technical Support Consultant, edlink.uk

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